Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Sunday Afternoon - Tai Tam Village

A perfect Sunday afternoon ::
The weather has been absolutely DIVINE - Hong Kong in November is just about perfect. 

What to do with such a day? 

Walk down through a small (and very old) fishing village: Tai Tam Tuk

Bear (on the right) and friend

to the base of the Reservoir Dam where it's rumored one can hunt for opium pots. 

the dam

Let the HUNT begin!

Those towers in the background? That's our apartment building! SO CLOSE.

background: our apartment on the left, and my school on the right

our sweet new friends

What did BunnyCakes find?

those tiny snails are so beautiful - there are so many!!! And hermit crabs too.

 Found one!!! An opium pot at last. Coveted just because it's tiny and a relic from the past.

Uh oh - tide is coming in.... FAST. 

Made it safely back to the dam!

And a funny little Hong-Kong-Thing - It's hard to tell in this photo, but see the white flying object in this next picture? It's a hovering, remote controlled camera. Seriously. 

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