Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Junk - it's not what you think

Junk food
Junk art

but.... Junk Trip? What's THAT!?

It's a little bit of Hong Kong Heaven.

Chinese junk
Once used for carrying treasure across oceans -

ancient junk boat
A favorite past-time here is to rent a junk for the day, invite a pile of friends, and PLAY.

(Work hard, play hard, people.... that's what this city is all about.)

Bunny with neighbor and good friend, Francesca.

The ride itself is its own adventure with the swaying and bobbing and socializing and fending-off-sea-sickness-in-the-kids.

But it also means getting to places otherwise unreachable. We explored a small, ancient fishing village (called Po Toi) :

neighbor and good friend, Adam

a house - I peeked inside. Single room. Bunkbed just inside the door. Little wooden table and plastic chairs. A small, old-school TV in the corner.

Had a potluck picnic on the boat. Then we pulled into a little bay area on the backside of Lamma Island, threw anchor, and literally JUMPED off the junk into the salty, bouyant water for an incredible swim surrounded by luscious green hills. (well - the others jumped. I'm still a bit squeemish and opted for gently sliding in from the lowest-possible-point... ahem.)

Relaxed and happy  - PARTY TIME

Jasper and I also went on a Night Junk Trip with my fun-loving colleagues to a fresher-than-fresh seafood dinner:

don't judge a book by its cover - these were SO YUMMY!

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  1. Ha! I knew the moment I read "fresher than fresh" that the dinner was going to be interesting. :) The adventures and memories you guys are having and making are just so awesome. I can't wait to show these pictures to the kids. So, so cool. (Those buildings behind you and J are crazy!)