Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Halloween in Hong Kong?? Yes, please! In fact, this was the biggest candy-sweep we've ever had. Ever.

Penguin and Aurora

The crowds in the housing part of our neighborhood (next to apartments) were absolutely insane. (Picture hundreds of wild children scurrying around a narrow, hilly street with taxis and cars pulling up to drop off trick-or-treaters.) There were actually LINES at the doors.

ghoulish feast display

 The houses were decked out and the blood and gore that I'd normally shield my children's eyes from was so pervasive, we just had to go with it. 
Bunny was pretty freaked out by the green mechanical hand in this bowl of candy.
Some houses offered wine, beer, water, and food (sandwiches!) to any passerby. One mother reported running out after delivering 1200 candies, one at a time, all before 7:00pm!!!

And the weather? Well, it was blasted hot. Sweaty. No coats to hide the costumes around here.

sugar much?
At school, we celebrated Book-O-Ween. Characters from books. All 16 kindergarten teachers and TA's were the girls (and nun) "in two straight lines" from Madeline. So much fun- great camaraderie.

Bear went as the White Witch from the Narnia series - There was a (long!) parade with music on loudspeakers and administrators (dressed as pigs) announcing everyone on microphone.

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