Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shek-O Beach

This gem of a beach is a short drive from our house. Short. As in, 15 minutes. It's tucked around the bend and behind the hills so it's quiet, not-so-crowded, and beautiful. The water is clear. This day, we had big waves to crash and play in. 

When you arrive, a lady is standing there eagerly shoving a beach umbrella and chairs into your hands to rent. There are stands to get drinks from along the beach. Off to the side are about fifty (or more?) plastic tables ready to feed hungry people from small local dai pai dong stalls. Bear bought herself a kid surf-board for next time. I think she was inspired by all the surfing we saw!

Bear and I watch as lifeguards run into the surf to help someone. Impressive response team.


  1. Sooo beautiful, you have found so many incredible places there, you are NeVER going to want to leave!

  2. Looks very peaceful. And couldn't help noticing how clean the beach is!

  3. What a beautiful place. I never thought Hong Kong would hold all these wonderful secrets! I definitely want to visit someday!