Monday, October 27, 2014

Made In China

You know how everything (practically) in America is "made in China"? Well - we are now IN China. And (nearly) everything is pretty much at our fingertips and many things truly are cheaper than in the States. However, the quality is... well... different.

Let's take bubbles.
If you have kids, you pretty much have to buy some bubbles at some point. As any pro-active parent would, we bought some bubbles for our girls. Boy what a discovery. These are the strongest, prettiest bubbles! Even our 2 year old can make them! After the kids played with them for a bit, I couldn't resist - I had to try them out myself. As I brought the wand to my lips, I inhaled and WHAM. This stuff smells AWFUL. Curious, I checked the bottle for more information - and low and behold, that little "non toxic" sign was nowhere to be seen. So - here are our toxic??? but fantastic bubbles:

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