Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkins - sans - Patch

October in Hong Kong does NOT bring crunchy leaves underfoot (they are swept away too quickly) or pumpkin spice lattes (Starbucks here doesn't "do that"). It doesn't bring long pants, sweaters, or soup (it's 70-80 degrees). It does bring big refreshing gusty winds, blue skies, and less humidity. It really is gorgeous - but Autumn is going to take on a whole new sensory understanding for us. At least they import plenty of PUMPKINS!

Bear's school had a Pumpkin Festival last weekend! It was just the thing for expats-missing-fall-weather. There were pumpkins to buy, pumpkins to look at, photo ops, shopping, music, games, and LOTS of candy!

that's cotton candy - yum!

This festival reminded me so much of my childhood school's "Halloween Carnival" - without the costumes. So fun!

pick-the-nose game .... green slime with bugs - a popular one

The grocery stores are all decked out for fall with bins of pumpkins as you walk in the door and spider webs hanging from the ceiling. But the leaves are still green (though some do drop), and we still wear shorts and t-shirts. We just don't sweat so much.

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