Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The 3 Month Daybook

It's hard to believe we've now been living here for three whole months. That's a quarter of a year, my friends! And we're through that first bump of adjustment (whew!). To celebrate that, I'm posting a 'daybook' -

Outside My Window
The weather is changing and it's - GLORIOUS. A perfect 71-83 degrees and big blustery winds every single morning.

In My Belly
One of the most delicious meals I've ever had in my life! Went out last night with the other kindergarten teachers to crash the downtown restaurant where my colleague's husband is a chef. Such a treat! Kiwi and Lychee cocktails... Hearts of Palm imported from Hawaii... Figs... Beef Tartar (yes, I tried it).... chili sprinkled edamame.... black ink udon noodles.... a perfect scallop... the biggest prawn I've ever seen in my life!

I'm Thinking About
Stress - how to manage it better.

I Don't Want To Forget
The way BunnyCakes toddles around with her belly jutting out and a bottle of milk in her hand.
Holding Bear's hand as we walk to school in the mornings.
What it feels like to be NEW somewhere.

I'm Learning
Cantonese. Yup - dug out those CDs and started back at square one (I had forgotten so MUCH!) It turns out the taxi drivers are pretty able language teachers too!
one big cricket

I'm Hearing
She shriek of the hawks that glide over our apartments and school campus. The crickets (which are really big - like everything else here!). A bit less whitenoise as the weather change allows us to turn off the A/C once in awhile.

someone around here turned TWO

I'm Reading
Unbroken - by Laura Hillenbrand. It's intense. And difficult. And mind blowing. It's World War II - unlike any WWII story I've ever read or heard. It's real. It makes me think of my grandpa. And it's for a bookclub. Did I tell you? I've joined my first ever bookclub. Well - a girl has to make new girlfriends, doesn't she?

strawberry kabobs - on a pocky stick! - yum
Bunny sandwiched by her Chinese and French neighborhood buddies

not gonna share 'Baby Stella' - still the favorite dolly in the house.

Around The House
It's beginning to feel more like home. Each time I walk into the space, the repetition of that moment, makes it more home-like. It's the place I come to at the end of the day. It's the place where my family is. We have a few things up on the wall. We have toys spilled about. We have drawers filling with receipts, half-finished-to-do-lists, and the normal 'junk' that makes a home lived in. It's good. And that view.

At Work
I'm feeling more like me. And very, very busy!

One Of My Favorite Things
The way taxi doors here automatically open for you as you reach out for the handle. It's MAGIC. And when your arms are full of groceries, you don't have to bump the door with your hip - the driver closes it with a magic button. Brilliant. Seriously. All taxis should have these!

A Less Than Favorite Thing
C'mon people, clean up after your dogs! I feel like I'm in a video game, dodging these piles!
new baby doll! - Thank you Nana!

I'm Thankful
That I was hired. That my daughter can go to such an incredible school. For our helper. That dreams do come true after all. (still pinching myself and nervous that it's not real)

I'm Planning
-to go to my modern dance class in Kowloon-Side more often (even though it's taught in Cantonese and even though I'm still the only white-girl).
-to go on a JUNK! (that's a special Hong Kong boat) - this Friday Night with colleagues and husband... and then again in a few weeks with a big group of new family friends


  1. So very glad to see a new post! Looks & sounds like you have made lots of new friends and are indeed very busy! I'm guessing the pkg I sent you STILL has not arrived. I'm not giving up hope yet... The background scenery above is grogeous! Bear and bunnie look so happy! Missing you , but so glad you have this opportunity. The shrimp you had at the restaurant looks like you should have named it. I named a lobster for you dad once. "Harold" came completely whole on his dinner plate. :)

  2. OHmygosh Mom. Harold. That's hilarious.

    Tiff, you look so happy! I'm love-love-loving the photos, and your view always takes my breath away. Bear is looking so very grown up to me these days.

  3. Ah yes...l remember Harold! Probably a long lost cousin to your prawn. If, and when I get there you'll have to take me to experience some of that great food.

  4. Hi Tiff, really enjoying your blogs. I tried to comment several times but didn't know how to send them, so loony set me up today ( I mean Lonny) typo ,I am so loving all the pics and the kids are just too cute. Guess school is a bit different from here. It is so beautiful there but I am glad I am seeing it from here. Dont think I would want to live there. I am scared enough of our monsoons here in the summer. Love you guys and a big kiss for Bunny and Bear, also for momma and papa bears