Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chi Lin Nunnery // Nan Lian Garden

A real treasure here in Hong Kong - that we {finally} went to see on a gorgeous afternoon.

This is the world's largest handmade wooden structure and it is built entirely without nails. Erected in 1934 as a retreat for buddhist nuns - it's a place of quiet, reflection and (let's face it) being a tourist in your hometown. :)

- getting into the spirit -
our little 'buddhist child', happily learning the prayer motions from those around her
she insisted on stopping to pray at each statue after she got the hang of it

The gardens apparently follow meticulous rules of traditional Chinese gardens from the Tang dynasty. A treat to exhale here with the family.

vegetarian restaurant behind that waterfall !

inspired to write
so we sat down to rest for awhile


  1. Absolutely stunning! I'd love to know what A-bear was inspired to write. I would visit that place often if I were living there.

    1. We'll have to take you when you visit! She was writing poetry.