Friday, January 27, 2017

OUT and ABOUT in hong kong

Hong Kong is certainly not short of outdoor adventures. One lazy afternoon, we wanted some fresh air but weren't up for a big "excursion".... so we took a short cab ride to DEEP WATER BAY and then walked our way back to Repulse Bay. Slowly. We stopped to collect sea glass on the beach, to watch fisherman working and dogs going for walks. We met a couple who 'lived in hong kong once, 20 years ago', who were starry eyed with their return visit. We felt relaxed, refreshed, and enlivened - and were surprised when we realized we'd only been out of the house for 2 hours. Sometimes, with the hustle and rhythms of everyday life, we forget what a magical place we live in...

January - and short sleeves weather - pretty awesome!

biodiversity - I learned, yesterday, that we have over 600 different species right in our own Tai Tam Bay!

hole for the DRAGON who lives in the hill behind to go through when he needs to get out
And on the other side of the hill.... in the alleyways of the city....

And outside of our flat in Tai Tam ...

the outdoors - view from our living room - not too shabby

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  1. Sometimes a little is all you need! Addie's expressions slay me! I see Ains is practicing her craft "low level" style.