Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hong Kong Staycation :: an island hop

What to do when the city empties out and you decide to stay?

Book a night in your own city, of course!

CHEUNG CHAU - a small island just west of Hong Kong Island (one of 263) - is a chill, outdoorsy, village getaway. A favorite among the mom-set. Once the treasure-trove of Pirate Cheung Po Tsai, this place no doubt is home to at least some of the descendants of his 50,000-strong pirate crew.

Incredible seafood, colorful boats, hikes, beaches, bikes, a maze of village houses, tasty street food ... such a delightful and easy weekend with the kids. Thirty minutes away by ferry. We have been twice before for day trips and this time enjoyed the benefits of staying the night. Take a look..

travelers ready

that one's on the way to Macau - strange looking thing, isn't it? pretty darn fast, too.

Warwick Hotel - handy for naps, on the beach, friendly, Chinese restaurant on site
kids loved their floor mats & fluffy blankets
just about makes up for the brick-like bed we slept in :)

fancy some seafood? choose your creature! it's FRESH

taking her bird for a walk

there is so much I don't know!

She had her HEART set on this (really ugly) Belle doll from a street stand. We finally caved on the 2nd afternoon and to our dismay, the thing plays music when you squeeze her tummy... no, not Beauty/Beast, not even Disney Princess music... oh no, this Belle sings "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie worrrrrrld..." 


view from the hotel

- FOOD - 
seafood - mango mochi - and pretty much anything
our restaurant pick for dinner - one of a gazillion along the waterfront - The Baccarat - don't peek into the kitchen, but the food here was REALLY, REALLY delish!!

my right-hand-girl when it comes to CRAB! (yum!)

ordering - an adventure in itself! (no English from our waitress)
our dinner is swimming on those tanks behind me :)

(despite periodic whining from the preschooler)

bring your bug spray - and go for the piggy back ride

humor at every turn - though not trying to be funny
 We met up with friends to explore the Pirate Cave - definitely need flashlights for this one!
here we go!

the pirate cave exit

we did it!!

friends - one of which is ABear's teacher!

- FERRY ride home -

Cheung Chau = WIN


  1. 1. The picture of your "ready travelers" is SO perfect on SO many levels.
    2. The fish. [[[[gag]]]]]
    3. The doll. 😅