Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Goldfish Market

The Goldfish Market in Mong Kok is not really a "market" so much as a street lined with various goldfish shops.

Goldfish represent GOOD LUCK and having a tank full of them is supposedly excellent fengshui. Who knew there were so many different KINDS of goldfish?

bagged and ready for purchase
We visited the Goldfish Market on a public holiday, when - it turns out - most of these stalls are closed. But enough of them were open to offer the kids a diversion. And we saw many kinds of fish - reptiles too!

absolutely crammed into tanks at this particular shop

a tightly-packed shop for aquarium accessories 
oodles and oodles of pre-bagged fish

PetCo? You've got NOTHIN' on Mong Kok!

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  1. Aside from how insanely crowded the tanks look, I can only imagine how amazing that was! Fish and birds, you taunt me with my loves