Monday, March 9, 2015

Winter in Hong Kong

The late winter here brings a lot... I mean a LOT.... of FOG.

The coldest weather, I suspect, is behind us now. I should say "cold". Emphasis on the quotation marks. The temps have been decent, but biting and sometimes very wild winds come through. I've turned totally "hong kong" by the way, and bundle up in 60 degree weather as if it's snowing, just like everyone else. :)

Last week brought super dense fog along with 95% humidity. It's like walking through pea soup and like living in a never-lifting cloud. The fog doesn't thin or lighten through the day - the world turns dark through the mist. It's a strange feeling to look out your window and see nothing but white. The air is heavy and the birdsong is muted.

It's wet all the time. We run the dehumidifier almost constantly and empty a full bin of water every few hours. The kids wear rain boots and recess is often canceled (for once due to weather, instead of bad air quality).

I don't mind it, really. It's quite cozy and perfect for a cup of Joe or a glass of Malbec. But when you wake up to find the fog has lifted - what a feeling! The world appears again!

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