Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tai Long Wan and Po Toi O - by boat

This is a #latergram from Justin and Joelle's visit!

We happened to select one of the most chilly, gray days to rent a junk boat and head out to sea.

Our destination? Tai Long Wan - proclaimed to be one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the area. This beach is only accessible via 45minute hike from a quaint village near Sai Kung. We opted for the sea-view.

A boat ride is fun in any weather, and the views were still fabulous. The choppy water, however, left most of us more than a bit queazy. (next few photos courtesy of Justin and Joelle)
top deck - great for napping on oversized bean bags!
Tiff and Joelle - spotting dogs and wild cows on Tai Wan Long beach

Justin fending off sea-sickness

Jasper and Joelle talking, talking, talking

blue sky peeked out during naptime

We were lucky enough to explore a small fishing village called Po Toi O, near Clearwater Bay, where we boarded the junk. 

Voyeurism at it's finest.
This small village offered a glimpse into a completely different side of Hong Kong. Villagers living in shacks, shucking scallops and sorting catch as we walked by, doors left ajar providing little peeks inside at simple, teeny, well-worn homes. Workers preparing lunch for outdoor 'restaurants' in alley-like kitchen spaces. Locals selling wares at small stands. We saw this gelatinous looking brown substance in a pie shape that drew my curiosity enough to ask a local woman what it was. She offered me a taste and said "ginger". Yep. Jellied Ginger. It was actually quite good! Not sure - maybe they cook with it??

The freshest and most beautiful working-display of caught-seafood I've ever seen:
crab, lobster, scallop, mussel, clam, goey duck, and many I didn't recognize

 BunnyCakes found a boy with his own car in the village center ...

She attempted to hitch a ride - but, much to her disappointment, he cooly drove on past.

on the pier

A relaxing day.

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  1. Jellied ginger. Huh. That picture of A with Joelle has me cracking up. The expression on A's face! :) Ha.